FDA clears software for enhancing CT, MR and X-ray images

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared new image processing software to help providers interpret MR, CT and X-ray scans, officials announced Tuesday.

Claritas HealthTech’s iRAD does so by enhancing images using noise-reduction techniques and improving contrast and entropy. The Singapore-based artificial intelligence firm claims its product can “significantly” bolster quality without altering or degrading images, potentially helping docs diagnose faster and reduce bottlenecks.

In an announcement, the company said it hopes to enter the U.S. market through partnerships with leading medical institutions. Laszlo Neumann, Claritas’ director of research and development, expects iRAD to serve as the foundation for future AI products that will follow. The product integrates into existing picture archiving and communication systems, with enhancement executed on-site or the cloud.

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