Gov. Cuomo commits $37.7M to improving access to breast cancer screening in New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that, as part of his ongoing “Get Screened, No Excuses" initiative, $37.7 million in funding is going toward improving access to breast cancer screening throughout the state.

The money will be used to “support peer educators in community settings, make patient navigators available to help women as they undergo screening and other necessary follow-up care, and operate mobile mammography vans in underserved neighborhoods.”

“This administration continues the most aggressive action in the nation to break down any barriers to breast cancer screening because early detection is the best possible treatment,” Cuomo said in a prepared statement. “By providing information on the importance of mammograms and expanding access to cutting-edge screening options, these programs will address the needs of thousands of New Yorkers and help establish healthier, stronger communities in every corner of this great state.”

“We know mammograms and cancer screenings must be available for all New Yorkers,” New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul said in the same statement. “That's how we'll continue to save lives.”