Illinois Senate passes breast density reporting legislation

Could Illinois become the 36th state that requires mammography providers to notify patients when it is determined they have dense breast tissue? The state’s breast density reporting legislation, HB4392, was passed by the Illinois Senate on May 16. It was passed by the Illinois House in back in April.

“Over the years of working on legislation to address breast cancer, I have heard the heart-wrenching tales of how this disease has ravaged women and their families,” Illinois State Sen. John Mulroe, a sponsor of the bill, said in a prepared statement. “If this legislation can save just one life or start just one conversation between a patient and their doctor, it will be well worth the effort.”

An identical bill that originated in the Illinois Senate, SB2442, was passed by the Illinois Senate in April and is now under review in the House.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the state’s breast density reporting legislation into law in April, making it the 35th state to pass such a bill.