Policy update: Catch up on imaging bills moving through state legislatures

Imaging-related policies are currently moving through numerous state legislatures, and the American College of Radiology (ACR) has provided a thorough update on where those bills stand.

In Connecticut, Illinois, New Hampshire and Texas, for instance, legislation related to cancer screening is being considered. SB 838 in Connecticut has passed the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill would cover mammograms or digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) for women 30 years or older. Annual mammograms would also be covered if recommended by a physician, if the patient has a family or personal history of breast cancer or if the patient has a prior history of breast disease.

SB 58 in New Hampshire, on the other hand, is currently scheduled for an executive session in the state’s House. That bill is focused on reimbursing providers of low-dose mammography screenings at rates “accurately reflecting the resource costs specific to each modality, including any increased cost of DBT,” as the ACR explains.

The update also provides information on legislation related to out-of-network billing in Missouri, Nevada and Vermont. In California, Maine, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon and Texas, bills are being considered related to imaging scope of practice. A bill in South Carolina, SB 132, that expands the scope of practice for physician assistants has already been signed into law.

For the full update from ACR’s policy team, click the below link.