MITA issues guidelines for live model ultrasound scanning

The Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) issued new guidelines for live model ultrasound scanning for educational purposes.

The new MITA guidelines for live model ultrasound scanning are:

  • Live model ultrasound scanning should only be performed for educational purposes by a qualified healthcare professional (including sonographers).
  • Informed consent must be obtained from human subjects as to the risks, benefits, and safety effects of ultrasonic exposure.
  • All models should be pre-scanned by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Vendors must adhere to the “As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)” principles of limited exposure on appropriate body areas.
  • All equipment will have received FDA clearance and will be used in a manner consistent with its FDA-cleared indications for use.
  • Vendors should communicate the educational content via verbal or written means.

“Live model ultrasound scanning at industry booths during exhibitions, trade-shows, and other venues plays an important role in the training and deployment of new, innovative imaging technology that improves patient care,” said Patrick Hope, MITA’s executive director. “We encourage our members to continue this practice, while ensuring appropriate safeguards are in place.”