RANZCR shares guidelines on ethical use of AI in healthcare

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) has published new guidelines on the ethical application of AI in healthcare.

The eight-page document covers a variety of topics, including safety, privacy and governance. The development of these principles was led by RANZCR’s AI Working Group.

“The application of these principles will maximize the opportunities AI presents, allowing for a more efficient and accessible healthcare system that delivers improved outcomes for patients,” Lance Lawler, RANZCR president, said in a prepared statement. “Clinical radiology and radiation oncology have always been early adopters of new technology and AI is no exception. These ethical principles help harness the growing impact of AI and machine learning on medicine, with an emphasis on radiology and radiation oncology.”

The document, “Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine,” is available on the RANZCR website. RANZCR published draft guidelines back in February, welcoming feedback through April 26.