The ACR Association's political action committee surpassed this dollar mark for the ninth consecutive year in a row, officials noted. 

Administrator Seema Verma recently revealed that her agency has identified such changes as a top priority in 2020.

Twenty-four imaging advocacy groups are asking lawmakers to stave off any cuts to the National Institutes of Health, which funds numerous radiology-related research initiatives.

The EEOC has filed suit against the prestigious university’s teaching hospital for forcing physicians over age 70 to take vision and neuropsychological exams. 

Caption Guidance serves as an accessory to certain diagnostic systems, aiding clinicians in capturing high-quality cardiac scans. 

The Nashville-based physician group first announced President and CEO Chris Holden’s departure on Feb. 5. 

The American College of Radiology said its initial analysis of the new Ways & Means Committee draft legislation was positive. 

During his tenure, Lawrence Gerrans steered funds from Sanovas to purchase everything from a Maserati to spa treatments. 

A duo of doctors from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine believes it’s long past time to address this issue in a scientific manner. 

Democratic contests kicked off on Feb. 3 in Iowa, with balloting to follow later this month in New Hampshire and Nevada.

The Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance, among other agencies, hosted a briefing in D.C. Jan. 29, aimed at shining a spotlight on this issue. 

Dutch-Belgian researchers this week unveiled findings from the long-running NELSON trial, which has tracked the impact of low-dose CT on mortality.