2019 Radiology 100: Enter today!

From the Editor of Radiology Business Journal

Thank you for volunteering your practice to be included in the 12th annual survey of private-practice radiology groups as surveyed and compiled by Radiology Business Journal

By completing the entry form on the following pages, you’re helping the entire radiology profession: The results of the 2019 Radiology 100 will yield an insightful snapshot of the current—and evolving—independent-practice landscape across the U.S. What’s more, your responses will reveal how your practice compares on several key indicators with those of your peers, colleagues and competitors. 

Before you begin filling in the fields, rest assured of three things:

  • Your answers will be held in the strictest confidentiality.

  • Your input will help inform RBJ on how the profession is changing, which will help us better serve our readership and light the way forward into radiology’s future.

  • When you click “Submit” to send us your responses, you will automatically enter a drawing for a $150 Amazon gift card.

We’ll present the Radiology 100 results in our October-November print edition as well as online at RadiologyBusiness.com.

The entry deadline is June 30, but why delay? Enter now and you can check off one more thing from your to-do list. 

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Many thanks for your time today, and best wishes for the health and prosperity of your practice in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Dave Pearson

Editor, Radiology Business Journal



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