Strategic Radiology's patient safety organization selects DoseMonitor as its radiation dose monitoring solution

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz./EWORLDWIRE/March 2, 2015 --- PHS Technologies Group LLC, a division of PACSHealth LLC, and developer of innovative software that records and analyzes ionizing radiation data from medical imaging procedures, today announced that multi-state radiology services provider Strategic Radiology (SR) will begin to use PHS's DoseMonitor 2.0 to monitor patient radiation exposure in its patient safety organization (PSO).

"We are pleased that Strategic Radiology's PSO will be using DoseMonitor to monitor, report and manage radiation dose in their clinical environments. This shows a true commitment to their patients and being on the forefront of the medical imaging industry," said Mike Battin, COO of PACSHealth LLC. "The ability to effectively monitor radiation dose indices during certain medical imaging procedures has become increasingly important."

DoseMonitor is a single server, browser-based software application that automates dose data collection and reporting. It fully integrates into an RIS, EMR, and the American College of Radiology's Dose Index Registry, helping to eliminate time-consuming manual steps and reducing input errors. Facilities can accurately depict historical exposure and compare, aggregate and interpret data from ionizing radiation sources for an individual patient, exam, or between diagnostic modalities in multiple facilities.

"The primary function of the SR PSO is to keep patients safe by monitoring their care and ensuring they receive appropriate medical imaging with the minimal amount of radiation exposure," said Arl Van Moore, Jr., M.D., FACR. "Through the DoseMonitor application, SR member groups can effectively monitor a patient's dose history while also complying with industry regulatory requirements."

DoseMonitor's capabilities include:

- Automated data collection for computed tomography (CT), mammography, direct radiography (DR), interventional radiography, and cardiac angiography.
- Advanced report generation, including dose by technologist by procedure, dose by physician by procedure, mammography reporting (organ and mean glandular dose), and age range support for alerts and notifications.
- Intelligent patient searchby name, partial name, medical record, andor accession number.
- Compatibility with VMware-based implementations, enabling hospitals to virtualize hardware on existing servers, reducing the need for new hardware and decreasing the total IT effort required to implement the solution.
- Support for direct data exchange with Nuance's Powerscribe 360 Reporting that places the dose index data directly into the interpretive report.

About PHS Technologies Group LLC
PHS Technologies Group LLC is a division of PACSHealth LLC, a medical software development company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., that develops software systems for medical imaging technology. PHS Technologies Group is committed to helping the medical community reduce patient exposure to ionizing radiation through advanced solutions that enable hospitals to manage patient radiation exposure and comply with regulatory requirements and industry guidelines while increasing efficiency and reducing cost. For more information about DoseMonitor, visit, or call or email Mike Battin at (877) 877-1457 ext. 802 or

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