Prince endows new resident RSNA research grant

MRI legend Martin R. Prince, M.D., Ph.D, F.A.C.R., has endowed the RSNA Research & Education Foundation to fund the Prince Research Resident Grant, to be awarded for the first time this spring.

A 1991 Research Resident Grant recipient, Prince expressed interest in having an impact beyond New York Hospital, where he is chief of MRI and runs an active clinical research program. “I thought, what better cause could I support than the R&E Foundation, which has a great track record and with which I have personal experience?” Prince said in a prepared statement.

Prince is a professor of radiology at Weill Cornell and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. He developed contrast-enhanced MR arteriography, including k-space mapping for MRA techniques, one of which was initially commercialized by GE as MR Smartprep and later by all scanner manufacturers. The SmartSet hand injection system for MR angiography, also commercialized by all magnet vendors, grew out of his research.

“The R&E Foundation creates a pipeline of research and development, generating the necessary data to fuel technology and develop new clinical techniques,” said James P. Borgstede, M.D., chair of the RSNA R&E Foundation Board of Trustees, in a press release. “Dr. Prince’s career exemplifies the importance of continuing to support this research.”

According to the RSNA surveys of grant recipients, every dollar awarded to a grantee by the R&E Foundation generates more than $40 in subsequent funding as principal or co-investigator from other sources, including the NIH, government agencies, corporations, and private foundations. The R&E Foundation has awarded more than $40 million in grant awards to more than 1,000 investigators and educators since its inception in 1984.