Such great heights: Carestream x-ray system installed near Mount Everest Base Camp

Capital Enterprises, a Carestream distributor, has installed one of Carestream’s Vita Flex CR Systems at a hospital just 15.3 miles from Mount Everest Base Camp.

The equipment was flown to Lukla, Nepal, and then carried for more than 18 miles to Kunde Hospital, which is more than 12,000 feet above sea level and was first founded back in 1966 by famous explorer Sir Edmund Hillary.

The hospital provides imaging services to local residents, mountaineers, Sherpas and others in the area due to its proximity to Mount Everest.

“These imaging studies are essential to diagnosing diseases and injuries to climbers, sherpas and other workers at base camp,” Charlie Hicks, Carestream’s general manager of global x-ray solutions, said in a prepared statement. “The images are available in minutes and physicians decide if a patient can be treated at the hospital or must be transported to Kathmandu by helicopter or airplane.”