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As 2014 moved into its fourth and final quarter, the one-year hourglass turned on ICD-9, and no one on the exhibit floor at the Radiology Business Management Association’s 2014 Fall Educational Conference, Oct. 19–21 in Seattle, expected another reprieve.

 - Ebola virus: Lessons learned from SARS

As Ebola continues to strike fear into the hearts of healthcare workers everywhere, those stationed in imaging areas—or regularly passing through—should look back on, and learn from, the SARS pandemic of 2003.

 - RADPAC Legislative update

Don’t look for much to happen in Congress through the end of the year: It's an election year, and there are too many seats at stake.

 - Geoff Smith MD

Eight-radiologist Casper Medical Imaging in Casper, Wyo., has joined Palmetto, Fla.-based Strategic Radiology, becoming the first small, rural affiliate of the 18-practice collaborative.

 - RBMA fall meeting

The world-famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle and its flying fish wasn't world famous before it implemented its "extraordinary technology of being". In fact, the market was very much on the ropes and in danger of disappearing altogether.