- John Dineen

John Dineen, former president and CEO of GE Healthcare, has signed on with a large private-equity investment firm as an operating advisor. 

 - Ron Boucher, MD

Ron Boucher, MD, chief of radiology at the VA Medical Center in Seattle, Wash., and clinical professor of Oregon Health & Science University, spent 9 months practicing radiology in a battlefield tent hospital only a mile from the front in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

 - Smoking Skeleton

Private insurers will soon have no choice but to cover low-dose CT screenings for high-risk patients, but a fight is brewing over whether Medicare should follow suit.

 - Daniel Sullivan, MD, and QIBA

Winning a fresh $1.27 million to continue advancing its Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (QIBA), the Radiological Society of North America plans to develop a quantitative-imaging data warehouse that, eventually, will be free and open to the public. 

 - Locked

A new analysis shows radiologists carved out of lower-cost Obamacare insurance plans to a notably greater degree than cardiologists and neurologists.