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Lena Kauffman
Lena Kauffman is a contributing writer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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Hospital-based practices deploy innovative marketing to ensure that their value is recognized by hospital and health system leaders

 - merger

As radiology groups consolidate, strategies for negotiating the successful merging of cultures are imperative

 - patient communication

New information technologies could change the process of communicating with patients and generating reports

 - Plant

Marketing plays a critical role in hospital-practice alignment and recognition of value-added services.

 - April/May 2015

Far from being marginalized, radiology can survive and thrive as one of the most valuable players in a population health world, but it will need to prove its strategic value to health systems.

 - Measure Growth

As radiology wrestles to arrive at a meaningful definition of quality, some organizations are beginning to quantify and monetize excellence

 - Ron Boucher, MD

Ron Boucher, MD, chief of radiology at the VA Medical Center in Portland, Ore., and clinical professor of Oregon Health & Science University, spent nine months practicing radiology in a battlefield tent hospital only a mile from the front in Kandahar, Afghanistan.