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October/November 2015

The nation’s 100 largest private radiology practices bulk up, adding radiologists but shedding employees and imaging center assets as they grow

The nation’s largest radiology practices sought strength in numbers, sending the median practice size of the 100 largest private radiology practices soaring, from 41.7 in 2014 to 47 in 2015. Much of that growth occurred at the lofty heights of the Radiology 100 list, in practices of 65 or more full-time equivalent radiologists.

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Signs of a maturing radiology marketplace can be seen in the consolidation of radiology providers, the growth in hospital contracts among the largest practices and the loss of hospital contracts among the smallest practices. The bloom appears to be off imaging...

Radiology must put the patient at the center of its universe or join the race to the bottom of the reimbursement barrel
As healthcare heads toward value-based payment, radiology is challenged to move beyond the relative value unit to measure physician performance
This is the eighth year CliftonLarsonAllen, Minneapolis, Minn., has helped compile the list of the largest private radiology groups. The changes in group size are small and hard to notice when you...
Under the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), radiologists will receive a composite performance score (0–100) based on a defined performance period. CMS will then use that score to adjust...
Turnaround time, step aside: A new generation of quality metrics is paving the way toward value-based radiology
Surveying a room full of practice management executives at the Radiology Business Management Association’s Spring Summit in Las Vegas, Nev., William Moore III, then CEO of Desert Radiologists, said...
The transition to a value-based reimbursement incentive-payment model will require new forms of hospital–radiologist partnership to contain costs and optimize revenue