A 21 Gun Salute to the RBMA Quest Marketing Award Winners

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On Monday, March 10, the RBMA Quest Marketing Award winners were announced during the organization’s annual Building Better Radiology marketing Programs in Long Beach. Three winners were selected in each of six categories by a panel of judges that included peers as well as marketing executives from friendly vendor organizations. Three People’s Choice winners were selected on-site by attendees.

Here is our salute to the 21 winners:


1. vRad® Future of Radiology Microsite

Gold Award: vRad set out to create a microsite to host its findings-based national benchmarking metrics, the RPC SM (Radiology Patient Care) indices. Their goals were to present the indices through infographics and create a rich environment that would keep visitors on the site exploring; ease of navigation; multiple touch points to encourage response/leads. Compared against statistics on the corporate home site, visitors are up 50%, page views increased 112%, and time on site increased 83%.

2. Charlotte Radiology Vein & Vascular Center Web Site

Silver Award: The website promotes and positions Charlotte Radiology as area experts in minimally invasive varicose vein treatment in a consumer-friendly way that employs rollover links for navigation. In several calls-to-action, the site features a Vein IQ test that enables patients to pre-screen themselves by checking various symptoms, which lead to a prompt for those patients to consider scheduling an appointment.

3. TRA Medical Imaging Web Site Redesign

Bronze Award: In its transition from an outsourced site to bringing web-site maintenance in-house, the Tacoma, WA-based practice implemented a content management system and redesigned the website to improve navigation and reflect the brand and its breadth of services, including teleradiology. Content and text was simplified.


 - Charlotte Radiology’s Lung Cancer Screening Campaign4. Launching Charlotte Radiology’s Lung Cancer Screening Campaign

Gold Award: To launch a comprehensive lung-cancer screening program at four of its outpatient clinics, the Charlotte-based practice developed complementary advertisements aimed at consumers and referring physicians that featured a pair of ashtrays in the shape of lungs filled with cigarette butts. Verbiage highlighted relevant findings from the NLST study.

 - RA: Life Is About the Ones You Love5. Radiology Associate’s “Life Is About the Ones You Love” Campaign

Bronze Award: The Corpus Christi, TX-based practice already had a television campaign underway promoting its locations and services when it was approached by a local television station with an offer it didn’t refuse. RA called the campaign the “softer side of Radiology Associates,” and featured a series of images of children and adults solicited from employees (no stock photos) with music but no voiceover that humanized the practice’s story.

 - Lake Medical Imaging6. Lake Medical Imaging & Vascular Institute’s “Real Pain” Campaign

Silver Award: The Villages, FL-based practice launched a compelling print campaign to remind patients that despite what they read in their newspapers, an annual mammogram beginning at age 40 is the best way to find early-stage breast cancer, which has a 95% cure rate.

Patient-centered Marketing

7. Gem State Radiology’s IMI Value + Quality Campaign

Gold Award: In order to start the conversation about price for its outpatient imaging centers, Intermountain Medical Imaging (IMI), the practice created a campaign to highlight the pricing differences between outpatient imaging and hospital-based imaging. To overcome misgivings of its affiliated hospital, IMI agreed to concentrate billboards and direct mail efforts in zip codes where it saw few patients. Results: An additional 1,200 web site visits resulted each week that followed a direct mail drop, 200 inquiries on a dedicated phone line, and 70 online price quotes.

8. Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates’ “No More Pain” Campaign

Silver Award: The Columbus, OH-based practice built a targeted marketing campaign to promote the the practice’s vein center north of Columbus to patients with varicose veins, specifically designed to appeal to the demographic and psychographic profiles of three distinct customer profiles.

9. Carol Milgard Breast Center, c/o TRA, 3D Mammography Campaign

Bronze Award: When the breast center acquired breast tomosynthesis technology, it built a marketing campaign to educate patients about the 3D technology, its benefits, cost (none to patient), and what to expect from the exam. As a result, the breast center was booked two weeks out