Global Kinetics, uMotif partner to find Parkinson’s disease treatments

To advance the treatment and understanding of Parkinson’s disease, Global Kinetics, a digital health company in Australia, and uMotif, an English tech company, have entered a partnership to offer a data platform that will explore the issue.

The platform will provide a way to measure and demonstrate the value of medications, devices and services in Parkinson’s disease, from clinical to commercial phases of development, the company said in a statement.

It’s currently being used in 200 clinics across 17 countries and more than 13,000 PKG reports have been delivered, as of press time.

"This exciting partnership with uMotif represents a significant strategic move for our company alongside our fast growing clinical product for routine management of Parkinson's disease,” said Global Kinetics President and CEO Timothy Still in a statement. “Responding to the needs of commercial sponsors for high quality data and systems to support both traditional and innovative trial designs, we have developed an unparalleled integrated offer with uMotif. I am confident that this partnership will provide a useful tool for companies and researchers working to develop new therapies, disease modifying treatments and even a cure for Parkinson's."

The platform is based on Global Kinetics’ PKG system that incorporates a wrist-worn device and coud-based algorithms to record movement symptoms like bradykinesia, tremor and their relationship to medication timing, sleep and exercise. The platform also uses elements of uMotif’s mobile and web software that records patient data including patient-reported outcomes and clinical outcome assessments.

"The past few years have seen rapid growth in the use of the uMotif platform, chosen by major world-leading clients and partners to capture high quality patient-reported data for global research projects and trials,” said uMotif CEO Bruce Hellman in a statement. “Global Kinetics are natural partners for uMotif, bringing a clinically validated, regulator approved system for objective measurement that complements our platform beautifully."