Daviess Community expands radiology services to Indiana community

A new Siemens Luminos Agile Fluoroscopy/Radiography system was installed at Daviess Community Hospital in Washington, Indiana, as an addition to its expansion of radiology services. The system features a patient-side controlled system with flat panel detector technology, an adjustable table and a dual use for both fluoroscopy and radiography.

The Washington Times Herald notes that the fluoroscopy unit gives off a pulsed radiation rather than continuous radiation, which reduces the amount of radiation exposure/dose to the patient and staff. The fluoroscopy will also be used to take live images of a body part, evaluate the gastrointestinal tract for swallowing problems, small and large intestines for polyps or other masses and/or diverticular disease.

The room that will house this equipment is large enough to allow for the 70-inch distance to reduce the doses/radiation exposure. Patients will also be able to stay in the same room if they need an x-ray and fluoroscopy exam, whereas many other hospitals, patients would need to be transferred from one room to the next.

“This new equipment is a great benefit for patients,” said Kavita Erickson, MD, radiologist at DCH, in a statement to the Washington Times Herald.

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