Spreemo’s Cloud-Based Healthcare Marketplace Expands with Statewide Radiology Coverage in California

HOBOKEN, N.J. — April 23, 2014 — Spreemo, a cloud-based healthcare marketplace, today announced it expanded with statewide radiology coverage in California. Using predictive, quality-based modeling and online management tools, Spreemo empowers employers and carriers to improve care and reduce costs.

“To improve healthcare and tackle rising costs, we need to shift from price-driven to value-focused delivery models, which requires full transparency of price and quality,” said Ron Vianu, CEO and co-founder of Spreemo. “Spreemo provides employers with quality metrics that empower them to make more-informed choices about the healthcare their employees receive, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.”

At present, Spreemo’s platform focuses on large employers and national insurance carriers in the workers’ compensation market.

“Understanding provider quality and its impact on patient care is critical for any decision maker when selecting imaging facilities,” said Bob Achermann, executive director of the California Radiological Society. “Yet, radiology practices are often viewed as a commodity and selected by payers on price alone with little insight into quality. It is imperative that employers be armed with quality metrics so that they can make the most informed decision when selecting a provider for one of their employees.”

Vianu notes that Spreemo’s predictive modeling pairs a patient with the specific radiology facility that has the radiologists, equipment and proper protocols to best diagnose and treat a specific injury. “It is simply not true that every MRI is the same; a poorly performed or interpreted MRI can negatively affect the entire trajectory of a patient’s care, from inappropriate surgery to years of unnecessary pharmaceutical management."

Spreemo’s platform is also available to radiology centers and payers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and Maryland.  For more information or to join the Spreemo network, please visit www.spreemo.com.

About Spreemo

Spreemo is a value-based healthcare marketplace. Specializing in radiology services for the workers’ compensation market, Spreemo offers quality-based metrics and predictive analytics that enable employers and insurers to provide the best treatment for injured employees, improving outcomes and lowering the total cost of care. To learn more, please visit www.spreemo.com.