Sticker shock: Army vet gets $8K bill for MRI

As healthcare costs outpace inflation, patients are more and more cost-conscious—with many often shopping around to minimize out-of-pocket costs—but medicine remains far from transparent.

A recent story from WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama, explored one man’s shock when he received an $8,000 bill for two MRIs on his back.

Mitch Brandon, an Army veteran with back pain, was sent to Lakeview Regional Medical Center in Covington, Louisiana, by a physician with U.S. Veteran’s Affairs Administration. Seven months later, he’s hearing from the hospital’s collection department. The VA has yet to pay the bill, while reporters found a medical center down the road from Lakeview offered MRI for $350.

Read more about the situation—and what patients should know about shopping for healthcare—at the link below: