Gamma Medica teams up with leaders in medical imaging equipment, expanding MBI use

Gamma Medica announced that it is teaming up with Medical Imaging and Capital X-Ray to provide women access to Gamma Medica's LunaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) system.

"Through our partnerships with Capital X-Ray and Medical Imaging, women who previously did not have access to the secondary screening technology will finally be able to experience more accurate cancer screenings using LunaGEM MBI," said Phillip Croxford, Gamma Medica president and CEO, in a statement. "Each of our partners has well-established relationships with care providers in their territories. By leveraging their customer network, Gamma Medica will continue to meet the rising demand for earlier cancer detection in women who are higher risk using state of the of the art technology."

Women who have dense breast tissue and at an increased risk of breast cancer, would benefit from MBI, which is a secondary screening and diagnostic tool. When it comes to mammograms, both dense breast tissue and cancer show up as white, making it much more difficult to differentiate the two. This problem causes false negatives, unneeded biopsies and/or diagnoses that take longer than expected.

A retrospective clinical study with findings published in the American Journal of Roentgenology backs up the benefits of MBI as an effective supplementary screening method to standard mammography and/or tomosynthesis in women at a high risk of breast cancer. Research showed that MBI was able to detect the presence of 7.7 cancers per 1,000 women screened compared to mammography screening that caught only three out of 1,000.

"Through our partnership with Gamma Medica, we will continue providing the most cutting-edge imaging solutions to our clients and expand our reach, improving early detection of breast cancer for women in the area," said Tim Powell, president of Medical Imaging.