MedInformatix RIS Goes Live at Largest Outpatient Radiology Practice in New Mexico

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MedInformatix, the Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) innovator that is developing tomorrow's healthcare information technology today, has announced it recently went live with the MedInformatix RIS V7.6 software suite at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico (XRANM).

With 25 radiologists serving patients at seven imaging centers across the state, as well as affiliations with multiple hospitals, XRANM is the largest outpatient provider of medical imaging in the state of New Mexico.

Sagit Frasier, Chief Operating Officer at XRANM, says the MedInformatix implementation culminates a multi-year project that positions her practice among the most technologically advanced imaging centers in the country. "Now that we are up and running, I would put our systems alongside any practice in the country, regardless of size and patient volume. The combination of our MedInformatix RIS, along with a Sectra-powered PACS and dictation software by Nuance's PowerScribe 360, provide us the power and the tools to strengthen XRANM's physician-patient experience like never before and bring new levels of data and workflow efficiency to our operation."

Integration of MedInformatix with XRANM's other technology partners was a concern at the beginning of the conversion process. XRANM had previously relied on a Sectra RIS until they were informed in 2013 the product would be discontinued. This led Frasier on an exhaustive search to find a replacement, reviewing more than 20 different RIS providers. MedInformatix emerged as the favorite, in part for the integrated PM and EHR capability of their signature RIS V7.6 that facilitates the use of patient data for both the clinical and administrative needs of the practice, especially in the area of revenue cycle management. "No one else could provide us the comprehensive functionality MedInformatix offered, along with the assurance of integrating with our existing technology partners. Too many providers tried to sell us a one-size-fits-all solution and that is not what we needed, nor more importantly, what we wanted."

MedInformatix President Pat McGonigle says this is what helps sets MedInformatix apart from the competition. "We have a habit of listening to our clients and then determining how we can best serve their unique requirements. In this instance, XRANM didn't need an entirely new system, they needed a RIS that could work in tandem with their existing technology platform. We knew we could scale our RIS to their exact measures, and if we needed to customize certain components along the way, we were happy to help make that happen, too."

During an early part of the data conversion process MedInformatix technologists recognized a disparity in some of the data as it entered the new RIS from the PACS. As configured, a patient could have a separate record for each hospital or outpatient center visit. This was not unified for the radiologists in either the PACS or RIS, so a study from a hospital would only list a study from the same hospital as part of the patient record, not all studies for that patient in the database. MedInformatix was able to establish matching criteria to consolidate multiple patient records into a single medical record number and unify the supporting documents, diagnostic reports and appointment history. Frasier says this proved to be a significant customization effort and vital to the workflow improvement across our enterprise, and was especially well received by the radiologists. "It consolidates multiple datasets into one patient MRN which is a dramatic improvement from before and helps our physicians treat patients more effectively."

The outcome not only benefitted XRANM, but also MedInformatix. McGonigle says a synergy soon formed among the various technology teams that he credits to a shared commitment to product development and customer service excellence. As a result, he says MedInformatix and Sectra are exploring additional opportunities to collaborate in the marketplace. "Sectra has a first-rate product backed by first-rate people that is very much in synch with MedInformatix."

For her part, Frasier is looking forward to new levels of engagement and efficiency at XRANM. "Were there kinks during the conversion process? Of course there were. But, with each new challenge came a new opportunity to make our system work that much better. Everyone rose to the occasion and the early reaction from physicians and patients alike is extremely positive."