Radiologists awarded $50K grant to research prenatal imaging techniques

A team of radiologists and other specialists led by Ali Gholipour, PhD, of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, has been awarded a $50,000 research grant by the Fetal Health Foundation (FHF).

Gholipour’s group will be researching “improved imaging for the prenatal prognosis of incomplete development of the lungs, a life-threatening complication that is associated with several fetal syndromes,” according to a prepared statement on the FHF’s website.

“We are developing new quantitative MRI techniques to evaluate fetal lung development based on water diffusion and capillary perfusion in pulmonary hypoplasia,” Gholipour said in the statement. “Our aim is to translate these findings into precise predictors of pulmonary outcomes at birth.”

The Brianna Marie Memorial Research Grant, first created in 2015, is awarded annually with funding from the Brianna Marie Foundation and the Kaiser Family.