The nation's largest commercial insurer recently started forcing physicians to jump through extra hoops before getting paid for certain outpatient services. 

The multifaceted approach included education and personalized consultation to help radiologists adopt reduced-radiation imaging protocols. 

One publicly traded imaging center operator saw its stock climb 21% in the days after the U.S. FDA's approval of Aduhelm. 

IR predominantly relies on referrals, and physicians must help to increase awareness among peers with little knowledge about the subspecialty, experts charged Tuesday.

The nation's largest commercial health insurer is pausing implementation until "at least the end of the national public health emergency period," the organization said Thursday.

Empathetic, affable, visually unthreatening and coolly competent in several healthcare tasks, a newly trained nurse named Grace has made a head-turning debut.

The Medical Imaging Drugs Advisory Committee reviews data on radiopharmaceuticals and contrast media, recommending best practices to the agency's commissioner.

The data will draw on everything from census findings to driving habits gathered from vehicle sensors to—arguably most consequentially—medical records.