Density, a prior biopsy and family history were also associated with an increased risk of both early and advanced cancers after a negative mammogram. 

"We are incredibly saddened to learn that someone tragically died in this incident," University of Utah Health executive Alison Flynn Gaffney said Wednesday. 

The Minneapolis-based vendor has inked several recent radiology-related partnerships, with Google Cloud and Siemens Healthineers, among others.

The specialty plays a crucial role in both diagnosing and treating Morton's neuroma, researchers detailed in the American Journal of Roentgenology. 

The rate of harms to the mental and physical health of individuals who frequently use pornography is accelerating, and AI is playing a key role in driving porn addiction as well as “escalation to more violent material.”

AI and machine learning are adept at selecting good candidates for total joint arthroplasty and predicting which patients will and won’t experience post-op complications.

The Palo Alto giant used exams from nearly 250,000 patients to upgrade its already robust algorithm.

Residents who participated in the inaugural 2020-2021 online process analyzed the benefits and downsides, sharing their thoughts on Wednesday.