Experts from five leading medical centers offered their money must-dos in a review published Wednesday in Academic Radiology. 

The Radiology Support, Communication and Alignment Network, or R-SCAN, operates by having referrers, rads and patients work together to bolster imaging appropriateness. 

Ed Dalton Barham, MD, spent 35 years at Merit Health Woman’s Hospital in Flowood, serving as CMO and board chairman at the time of his death Saturday. 

Administrator Seema Verma said Medicare beneficiaries have traditionally not had predictable, immediate access to innovative devices, but that will change following Tuesday's announcement.

Some cardiologists vow to go out with their scrubs on, says St. Vincent Heart Center’s Mary Norine Walsh, MD, as she recalls an interventional cardiologist who declared that when he left the cath lab, he’d be gone for good, not doing “office work.”

When is it time to retire? It’s a knotty, uncomfortable yet inevitable question.