Two code additions for next year cover a new procedure—destruction of the intraosseous basivertebral nerve—that provides relief for certain back pain. 

In other happenings, Asheville Radiology Associates recently rebranded; PwC is reportedly marketing a practice for sale, and Monticello Health Services acquired a center in Texas.

The AMA survey found that 49% of patient care physicians worked in doc-owned practices, down from 54% in 2018 and the largest two-year change since the survey started.

The noted Atlanta-based system had grappled with increased advanced imaging volumes in its emergency department, creating a significant patient throughput bottleneck. 

Mayo Clinic neuroradiologist John Benson, MD, believes 36-year-old Gretchen Butler's suicide in March revealed the "profound toll that work can have on physicians.” 

Kansas radiologist Kamran Ali, MD, and colleagues shared five take-home points for imaging providers seeking to retain their autonomy in the face of consolidation.  

The findings shared Monday in Health Affairs add to mounting evidence linking vertical integration to higher spending, a trend that's likely to increase in the coming years.

LDCT produced “remarkable” improvements in both behavior and cognition just days after treatment, according to a small study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

Radiology researchers recommend using a holistic approach to hiring and deploying structured interviewing, they wrote recently in JACR

Patient body mass index, in particular, can contribute to poorer patient positioning, experts reported Friday in the European Journal of Radiology

When given the proper team and infrastructure, low-dose CT programs excel at keeping patients on their imaging schedule, Kaiser researchers reported Friday in JAMA

Leaders in the space shared their predictions for imaging AI during a panel hosted by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence on April 29.