King’s College London researchers found physicians accurately predicted increased risk of death from such scans, too. 

Nearly 100 doctors, scientists and health policy experts at the California institution recently took Atlas to task for his approach to the pandemic. 

The Israel-based startup condemned the charges, calling them "completely without merit," following "unusual" trading of its stock on the Nasdaq. 

ACR and more than 90 other organizations want the agency to stick with its "existing high standards of safety" when reviewing any coronavirus antidote.

Also, MITA warns FDA about inappropriate cleaning of imaging systems and Fujifilm partners with the CHEST Foundation. 

The Irvine, California-based company bills itself as the "leading" provider of PET/CT in the U.S., employing the most technologists and systems in this space. 

CXR, mobile x-ray, and chest CT are the most commonly deployed systems, experts reported Thursday in European Radiology

The intervention is inexpensive and simple to replicate, UW Medicine experts explained in JAMA Network Open. 

This latest investment balloons the radiology vendor’s fundraising total to $60 million, officials announced Wednesday. 

This population has been underrepresented in LCS trials, despite having a higher incidence of the disease, experts reported in JACR

Members of SIR's Government Affairs Committee made their "call to action" in a research letter shared Wednesday. 

Providers are increasingly seeing only these indicators among patients, including loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.