The shift was associated with improved door-to-puncture and door-to-reperfusion times.

The new funds are expected to go toward commercializing the company’s AI-powered handheld ultrasound systems and point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution.

Talking to an experienced specialist about their declining health can be "ethically challenging and potentially uncomfortable." A new analysis in the Journal of Radiology Nursing details some helpful recommendations.

ACR, the American Society of Neuroradiology and others believe the VA's efforts will have implications beyond the massive healthcare system. 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital scientists sought to pinpoint which women were most susceptible to missing their appointment, sharing their findings in Clinical Imaging. 

Also, Rayus Radiology's new quality announcement, U.S. Radiology Specialists seeks consistency, and Rad Partners increases efficiency in its legal department. 

There is limited diagnostic value in using CT to examine the brain of patients suffering a transient ischemic attack, with MRI favored for initial assessment. 

Officials issued an emergency order halting mammography at Hoffman MRI, but the practice allegedly continued imaging dozens of patients.

ACR is collaborating with the American Academy of Ophthalmology on the initiative, adding new data and use cases to its AI-LAB platform.

Black women were twice as likely to face delays greater than 45 days, and those experiencing this long lag were 1.6 times more likely to die, experts wrote in JACR

Atlanta-based Express MRI said hackers may have obtained details such as dates of birth, body parts scanned and ages during the incident. 

The majority of misses were detected incidentally (67.6%) on imaging exams not performed for a primary head and neck indication, according to a new study in Clinical Radiology