However, the number of new cases has continued to decline since reaching its peak in September, officials said. 

Lawyers recently extracted the payout from one Dallas-based hospital chain after proving that radiologist Steven Fuhr spent less than a second interpreting CT images. 

That’s according to a new analysis of Medicare Part B payment data, published in January’s Journal of the American College of Radiology

Yale New Haven Hospital recently tested out this workflow change, adding a button in its EHR that allows physicians to suggest changes to CT or MRI requests. 

The Tokyo-based camera giant is competing with two private equity firms in the bidding war for Curium, which produces radioactive tracers used in nuclear medicine. 

The action star—famous for his portrayal of “Walker Texas Ranger”—first filed suit against the Italy-based company and several others in 2017. 

Those reservations come in response to a presidential executive order in October, calling for the need to expand scope of practice to improve senior care. 

Two St. Louis-based researchers are denouncing “executive screening programs” targeted at affluent individuals who do not have any cancer symptoms, but want to avoid any future surprises.

An Israeli-based startup aiming to upend the medical imaging business just raised $26 million in its most recent round of funding, more than doubling its total support from investors that include Fujifilm and Foxconn.

Gaston Radiology is the 28th provider to join with the Palmetto, Florida-headquartered coalition, adding 18 physicians into its fold. 

Revitalizing the specialty will require humanism, compassion and empathy, writes Boston University School of Medicine's Priscilla Slanetz, MD. 

Ohad Arazi will assume the role of chief executive at the Israel-based company on March 1, replacing co-founder Eyal Gura.