RSNA 2019 attendees wishing to see radiology through the eyes of an astute nonradiologist will find what they’re looking for when Abraham Verghese, MD, takes the mic at the opening session. 

RSNA 2019 is sure to have more must-see events and exhibits than even the most energized attendee could keep up with. In other words, it’ll be business as usual. But here’s a tip. 

With radiologists increasingly compelled to compete on the basis of cost and quality metrics, the moves they make now to forge the strongest possible ties with their affiliate hospitals and healthcare systems could well determine their success or failure.

Radiology is evolving, consolidating and all the while innovating in this time of transition from volume to value across U.S. healthcare. A compressed field reflects the shape of the changed—and still changing—marketplace.

Some observers suggest that one physician’s self-reported burnout is another’s normal work fatigue. But nearly all the experts agree that such variability is no excuse for simply dismissing the phenomenon.

The average cost to replace a departing employee is six to nine months of the individual’s salary. Fortunately, there are plenty of tried, tested and even innovative ways to prevent a revolving door from spinning so fast that it blows a big hole in the bottom line.

The right time for an appraisal is any time an employer—or an employee—feels communication on performance is necessary and appropriate.

Here are strategies that, taken together, give a radiology practice or department the ability to successfully triage, track and hire the best doctor for the job.

RSNA President Jackson, a breast specialist whose other appointments include executive director of the American Board of Radiology and Eugene C. Klatte Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Medicine, took RBJ’s questions on her upcoming talk and other topics. 

Radiologists’ pay-raise rates are flat. Administrators are working hard to earn bonuses. Lots of technologists are looking for new opportunities, and few PACS pros are skimping on time off (but not many are overdoing it either). See the numbers behind the factoids in the tabulated results of the 2019 RBJ Salary Survey.

Point-of-Care ultrasound is now routinely used wherever a patient in need happens to be. In the midst of it all, radiologists and ER doctors are looking for ways to collaborate rather than compete.

Medical practices are increasingly pressured to showcase the details of their contribution to medicine. But radiology isn’t like most other medical specialties, is it?

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