It was yet another entry in a familiar medical-news narrative: A big breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease gets called into question by subsequent reporting. Only this time the off notes hit while the fanfare was still sounding.

Between 2003 and 2016, radiologists gave more than $16 million to political bodies. Here are some causes worthy of every rad’s support, regardless of party affiliation.

There’s nothing wrong with strategically courting attention. Besides, marketing is a means of informing—and that’s an activity that provides real value to patients and referrers.

The preparation period was long. Hopes and fears were high. Three years into the ICD-10 era, how is radiology’s day-to-day implementation stacking up against those early expectations and prognostications? (And is ICD-11 already in the works … really?)

PACS is powering better workflow in breast imaging, transforming the way breast imaging radiologists read studies and interact with one another by improving physician efficiency, accuracy and saving time. Metrics matter in healthcare today and now excellent efficiency, productivity, quality of care and provider and patient satisfaction are measures of success that belong together in the pursuit of better breast imaging.

Many radiologists are functioning well by most standards but are nowhere near their potential level of fulfillment. So how can we reach our highest potential by applying positive psychology?

Insights from radiology practices and departments working hard to build better relationships with the people who matter most.

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