Last spring RBJ put out a call for entrants to compete in its inaugural Imaging Innovation Awards. We opened the contest to all private radiology practices and hospital radiology departments that had recently completed a project combining creative thinking with coordinated teamwork to develop a notably original breakthrough in some particular aspect of medical imaging.

Imaging clinical decision support has long been widely considered a “when, not if” technology. But the smart money says to hold off at least a while longer before declaring the coast completely clear. What’s the holdup? In a word, complexity.

Gadolinium-based contrast agents are back in the news. Radiologists are fretting anew. But is gadolinium poisoning a fresh crisis in the making—or another overblown chapter in an ongoing saga?

Big data is changing everything having to do with business analytics, but report turnaround times remain at or near the top of radiology’s most scrutinized performance metrics. Here are seven simple strategies to supercharge efficiency.

The powerful independent congressional agency known as MedPAC, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, has recommended that MIPS be scrapped. Should the influential group get its way?

As radiologists, are we working hard to improve our accuracy and service each day to help our patients and referring colleagues—or just coasting on autopilot until our next vacation or retirement?

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