In response to the COVID pandemic, most hospitals have adopted a policy of curtailing elective clinical and surgical services while preserving urgent/semi-urgent and inpatient care in order to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE), and to reduce patient and personnel exposure to infection, while providing for surge capacity in the event of wider dissemination. 

Follow-up of unexpected findings in radiology reports has become a growing challenge as more imaging exams are being performed and workloads are increasing for ordering clinicians.

The Center for Advanced Imaging Processing (CAIP) is a concept created out of the need to enhance patient care, increase technology availability and improve imaging quality, all through the utilization of innovative technologies.

Quantitative traits obtained from CT scans performed in routine clinical practice have the potential to enhance translational research and genomic discovery when linked to electronic health record (EHR) and genomic data.

Patients increasingly read their radiology reports through online EHR portals, but the reports are written for referring physicians, not for patients. 

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