iSchemaView Launches RAPID™ ANGIO

Menlo Park, Calif.  February 28, 2019  iSchemaView, the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke care and research, today announced RAPID ANGIO, a complete neuroimaging solution for the angiography suite that integrates iSchemaView’s RAPID software with syngo DynaCT Multiphase from Siemens Healthineers. The syngo DynaCT Multiphase is a state-of-the-art 3-dimensional image acquisition technique employing multiple rotations of a C-arm system to acquire a multi-phasic 3D representation of the brain and its perfusion. This technology, when combined with the RAPID platform’s clinically validated CTP product, delivers a powerful imaging solution to the angio suite for acute stroke patients.

The RAPID ANGIO module, by combining the best-in-class syngo DynaCT system with the RAPID platform, allows for the direct evaluation of acute stroke patients in the angiography procedure room, saving precious time,” said Anil Singhal, MD, SVP, Worldwide Operations at iSchemaView. “RAPID ANGIO provides the most comprehensive real-time brain images for use in stroke treatment decisions, making this integration the most sophisticated angiography neuroimaging option available today.”

The RAPID platform automatically provides clear, easy-to-interpret CT perfusion maps that readily identify brain regions with reduced cerebral blood flow and blood volume as well as delayed contrast arrival. It is the only neuroimaging platform FDA cleared for a thrombectomy indication. In addition to identifying irreversibly damaged brain tissue and salvageable areas, the CTP module includes HIR and CBV indices for the assessment of collateral blood flow and the rate of infarct growth, as well as a “golden hour” index for ultra-early patients. RAPID CTP helps physicians with patient triage and clinical decision making.

“RAPID directly in the angio suite will help our specialists treat the right patients even faster,” said Professor Jian Ming Liu, Director of Neurosurgery Center, Changhai Hospital, China. “Having the most advanced RAPID technology available in both the radiology department and the operating theater provides the best options for our doctors and patients.”

RAPID ANGIO runs on the RAPID Artificial Intelligence framework. Developed by leading stroke experts, the RAPID Artificial Intelligence framework combines deep learning, machine learning and expert feature extraction. Together these provide unparalleled sensitivity and specificity across stroke modules (ANGIO, CT perfusion, MR diffusion and perfusion, CTA and CT ASPECT scoring). Results are then delivered by the RAPID Intelligence Services Platform via PACS, email, text, the RAPID APP or corporate partner workflow systems.

About iSchemaView

iSchemaView is the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke. Installed in over 1,000 stroke centers, iSchemaView’s RAPID (automated CTP, MRI, CTA and ASPECTS), with enhanced AI framework, is the most advanced stroke imaging platform. In clinical trials, RAPID has been shown to aid in the selection of patients in early and late-window stroke trials, including SWIFT PRIME, EXTEND IA, DAWN, DEFUSE 3 and EXTEND. In addition to achieving the best clinical outcomes and largest treatment effects ever obtained, these landmark studies led to new American Heart Association and American Stroke Association guidelines and have dramatically altered the management of acute stroke around the world. For more information, visit