Independent Radiology Group Practices Call to Action—Collaborating to Increase Relevance and Remain Successfully Independent

Intense pressure to move from fee-for-service to value-based care and reimbursement driving commercial payer, hospital system and group practice consolidations are forcing independent radiology practices of all sizes to reassess, and where required, increase their relevance to the systems they serve in order to remain successfully independent.

Integrated Medical Partners (IMP), through its Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP) brand, facilitates collaboration between independent group practices designed to increase their relevance and improve practice operations. Through collaboration, member practices build scale enabling them to reduce operating expenses while securing the necessary resources, technology, and business expertise to embrace and support the strategic initiatives of their respective hospital systems. Through IRP, client practices can expect high performing results thereby insuring their successful independence.


  • Discussion of the various types of collaboration
  • How a collaborative MSO differs from a traditional MSO
  • Important considerations when joining or forming a Joint Venture
  • Show me yours; I’ll show you mine! Comparable de-identified analytics information
  • Actual in market analytics examples


Bill Pickart, CEO, Integrated Radiology Partners

Keith Chew, MHA, CMPE, Managing Director of Strategic Positioning & Consulting Services

Mary C. Tierney, TriMed Media Group, Chief Content Officer, Moderator