AI system beats team of 15 doctors in competition

An artificial intelligence (AI) system defeated a team of 15 doctors, 2-0, in two rounds of a competition that looked at the ability to diagnose brain tumors and predict the expansion of brain hematomas.

The AI system, BioMind, displayed 87 percent accuracy in diagnosing brain tumors in 15 minutes, according to a report from China Daily. The doctors, from various hospitals located throughout China, displayed 66 percent accuracy in 30 minutes.

Paul Parizel, MD, PhD, chair of the radiology department at Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium, said in the China Daily coverage that he sees a lot of potential in what AI can do for healthcare.

“It will be like a GPS guiding a car. It will make proposals to a doctor and help the doctor diagnose,” he said. “But it will be the doctor who ultimately decides, as there are a number of factors that a machine cannot take into consideration, such as a patient's state of health and family situation.”

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