Aidoc, SaferMD partner to offer AI-based solution for increasing MIPS scores

Aidoc and SaferMD are joining forces on a new solution that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve clinical results and give radiologists higher Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payments System (MIPS) scores.

Aidoc’s AI solution determines critical conditions and increases those cases to the top of a worklist to ensure quick diagnosis and treatment times, thereby increasing MIPS scores. SaferMD’s Radiology Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) has been approved by CMS for 2018-2019 MIPS reporting. QCDR currently offers 19 “high priority” measures and eight “sub-measures” that are benchmarks for communication performance.

Radiologists can use the solution to automatically create the data needed to report and “show the value of AI-based imaging analysis.”

"There are nine measures of findings that Aidoc's AI system can detect and move to the top of a radiologist's worklist," said Brian Gale, MD, SaferMD's managing member, in a prepared statement. "This allows radiologists to view and report the findings more quickly, which translates directly to better outcomes. SaferMD's measures are based on urgent results, where quick turnaround can lead to much better outcomes and can even save lives. Together, Aidoc and SaferMD's combined solutions translate into positive payments and better care for patients."

"We're delighted to be partnering with SaferMD to ensure that the value of AI-based radiology solutions are properly recognized by CMS," Elad Walach, Aidoc co-founder and CEO, said in the same statement. "With the updated QCDR, radiologists get access to meaningful MIPS metrics, which recognize the value of AI-driven imaging solutions for improving patient care and generating financial returns."