ACR, SNMMI collaborate on new clinical data registry

The American College of Radiology (ACR) and Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular  Imaging (SNMMI) have joined forces to launch a new nuclear medicine clinical data registry.

“This synergistic partnership reaffirms the commitment of both organizations to provide the highest level of nuclear medicine care for our patients,” Phillip Koo, MD, chair of SNMMI’s Quality Committee, said in a prepared statement. “The initiative will support that goal through evidence-based practice improvements born from a data-rich registry.”

“Intersociety collaboration between the SNMMI and the ACR will be key to the future of nuclear medicine and practice improvements in the U.S.,” Don Yoo, MD, chair of the ACR Commission on Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, said in the same statement. “Both organizations are committed to this important data registry.”

The registry will focus on PET/CT imaging data at first, according to the two groups, but it could expand “at a future date.” During the initial pilot period, participating sites will be given access to the registry and its data by a joint committee.