Argus Radiology announces expansion into California

Argus Radiology, a Joint Commission-accredited teleradiology company based out of Columbia, Mo., has announced an expansion of its services into California.

The company already works with clients in Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia, Florida and Nevada, and the Golden State was a natural fit due to growing demand, according to Jamey Wright, MD, founder and president.

"Over the past couple years we have received requests from a number of radiology groups and small rural hospitals located in California,” Wright said in a press release. “Making the decision to license all our radiologists in California seemed to be a natural progression."

Todd Moritz, director of new business development, believes the company’s business model is a primary reason clients seek out Argus Radiology. The company has a team of 10-16 radiologists on staff, but will assign smaller teams of 5-7 radiologists to a specific facility. Moritz also points to some impressive service numbers the company is very proud of, which include a turnaround time under 15 minutes and a discrepancy rate of 0.13%.

“I think what we provide has a little bit of a twist to it where it’s more personable,” Moritz said in a phone interview. “We’re known for that reputation ... we can gain customer confidence and we can build with that.”

California may be a crowded market, but Moritz says there is still room for companies that can provide consistent, quality care. “If we have people seeking us out, there’s a reason they’re seeking out somebody else,” he said in a phone interview.

Since opening its doors in 2013, Argus Radiology has grown at a rapid rate. It presently provides its services to over 50 facilities.

“Teleradiology is a very competitive market,” Wright said in a press release. “We continue to look for opportunities that support radiology groups and each client’s unique needs.”