Concussion education program collaborates with youth sports organization

CrashCourse—a virtual reality concussion education program—announced a new partnership with the sports organization American Youth Football and Cheer to promote awareness about head injuries and encourage early reporting of concussions symptoms among young football players, according to a recent report by The Stanford Daily. 

The program was developed by TeachAids, a nonprofit collaboration with Stanford University in California specializing in health education, according to the article.  

American Youth Football and Cheer plan to promote the concussion awareness program to its one million members, including youth athletes, their parents and coaches.   

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to work with American Youth Football,” Dick Gould, vice chairman of the Board of TeachAids, told The Daily. “It’s a tremendous organization, it’s got a great reputation and we feel honored to be selected as one of their partners in an effort to promote the safety of young athletes.” 

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