launches patient education videos has announced the availability of a series of three informational videos on YouTube designed to educate women about breast density.

The series, “Let’s Talk About Dense Breasts,” defines breast density, the significance of breast density, and if mammograms are enough to detect tumors. The videos incorporate the stories of women whose cancers went undetected due to dense breast tissues and also highlights educational information from various breast imaging thought leaders.

"Having dense breasts is normal; in fact, approximately 40% of women of mammography age have dense breasts,” JoAnn Pushkin, executive director of, said in a prepared statement. “However, many women do not know their personal density or understand how density can impact breast cancer screening. The ‘Let's Talk About Dense Breasts’ video series was developed to address what breast density is, why it matters and what should be considered in light of it.”

The organization hopes to provide availability of these videos in medical facilities to use for patient education programs.

“As the leading educational resource on the topic, was uniquely situated to draw on our content and expertise of our breast imaging medical advisors to develop these educational videos,” Pushkin said in the same statement. “Our hope is that they lead to informed patient and health provider discussions."