Teleradiology Solutions to Perform Remote 3D Post-Processing Services for Massachusetts General Hospital

Phoenix, Ariz.  November 7, 2016: Teleradiology Solutions (TRS), a global leading tele-diagnostic delivery company that is among the first teleradiology companies in the U.S. to be accredited by the U.S. Joint Commission (JC) accreditation for healthcare organizations, announced it was selected by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, one of the top-ranked hospitals in the United States, to perform remote 3D post-processing services.  

As part of the agreement, TRS invested in the creation of a new facility manned by 3D-trained radiologists to offer Routine and STAT 3D services. TRS will follow and utilize MGH’s 3D protocols as it performs the assigned 3D post-processing services. With its 24-hour staffing, the new facility is fully capable of performing services for MGH, but also for other facilities across the globe as TRS is already one of the largest tele-diagnostic services in Asia in addition to its large footprint in the United States.

“At TRS we consistently strive to re-invent the healthcare landscape and we’re thrilled to embark upon a relationship with MGH, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world and the largest teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, to offer 3D post-processing services,” said, Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur, Founder and CEO of Teleradiology Solutions. “This collaboration strengthens our standing within the health-tech industry and speaks volumes of our level of expertise not just in radiology but also in the stability of our entire ecosystem in terms of software, reading structures and the calibre of our radiologists in the U.S., India and Asia.’’

“Our goal is to enhance the diagnostic capabilities and timeliness of information that can help improve lives for patients,” said Gordon Harris, PhD, Director of 3D Imaging for MGH. “Working with TRS’ radiologists, who are trained on MGH 3D protocols, for our overnight and weekend 3D coverage helps us deliver timely 3D Imaging Services with consistent 3D protocols and quality seven nights a week when we do not have 3D coverage on site. We hope that access to this technology can expand to providers as high-quality 3D image post-processing could have a significant impact on patient care – particularly emergency and trauma care – across the world.”

The 3D images will enable physicians at MGH to better understand patients’ disease processes and develop treatment and intervention plans in a timelier way. Effective 3D post-processing is now possible globally thanks to the increased deployment and utilization of cutting-edge high-resolution CT and MRI scan equipment, yet few hospitals and physicians have the combination of staff and technology to create the 3D images within their facility. The collaboration between TRS and MGH can now help fill that void. For example, TRS can now use images received from a hospital to create the 3D image post-processing so that physicians can see aneurysms and vessel blockages that may potentially result in life-threatening complications. Thus, 3D imaging enables physicians to greatly facilitate their diagnosis, treatment and subsequent follow-up to help their patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

About Teleradiology Solutions:

Founded by Yale University graduates Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur and Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, Teleradiology Solutions are pioneers in the healthcare space specializing in delivery of tele-diagnostics. Headquartered in Bangalore, TRS reports radiology scans for over 100 hospitals in the US, Singapore, India, Europe and Africa from 5 global delivery centers.  TRS was among the first teleradiology companies in the U.S. to be accredited by the U.S. Joint Commission (JC) accreditation for healthcare organizations. It was also awarded “Best in KLAS” in 2011. For more information visit