Fresh off Hitachi deal, Fujifilm exploring $3B purchase of nuclear imaging supplier

With the ink still drying on its purchase of Hitachi’s imaging line, Fujifilm is now exploring the acquisition of Paris-based Curium, which produces radioactive tracers used in nuclear medicine.

The Tokyo-based camera giant is competing with two private equity firms in the bidding war, which could fetch at least $3 billion, Bloomberg reported Jan. 14, citing anonymous sources. Officials at both Fujifilm and CapVest Ltd., Curium’s current owner, declined to comment on the report, but the sources said the next round of bids is due in February.

Fujifilm announced in December that it had consummated a deal to purchase rival Hitachi’s line of imaging products for $1.6 billion, planning to close the deal in July. The firm has been on something of a buying binge of late, announcing $3.5 billion in cross-border acquisitions over the past two years, a Bloomberg analysis found.

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