MRI tech company Metrasens files patent infringement case

Metrasens, a Malvern, England-based MRI technology company, has filed a new patent infringement case against Nanjing Cloud Magnet Electronic Technology Limited (Cloud Magnet).

The case, filed in Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, alleges that Cloud Magnet “has continued to actively and publicly promote” products that infringe Metrasens’ own patents, offering to sell them in Shanghai, China. Metrasens had already filed one patent infringement case against Cloud Magnet in Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court.

“We trust Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, as one of the specialized intellectual property courts in China, will render a decision according to the laws,” according to a prepared statement from Metrasens. “In order to avoid parallel trials, we are going to combine the infringement asserted at the Nanjing into the case to be tried by the specialist Shanghai Intellectual Property Court and withdraw the patent infringement case with the Nanjing Court.”

In the same statement, Metrasens notes that it “values the relationships that it has developed with the Chinese radiology community” and “greatly respects the development within China of new technologies to advance the goal of making MRI facilities as safe as possible.”