Radiologists involved in $14.5M ‘wrongful birth’ case in Iowa

Parents of a child with severe disabilities, including cerebral palsy, have been awarded more than $14.5 million in a “wrongful birth” case with roots in a 2017 decision by the Iowa Supreme Court.

According to a new report from WGEM, the final judgement is against Fort Madison Community Hospital in Fort Madison, Iowa and Davis Radiology. Individual providers from both the hospital and the radiology practice were also included in the lawsuit.

The parents’ case made headlines in 2017 when the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in their favor, saying the right to sue for wrongful birth belongs to parents “who were denied the opportunity to make an informed choice” about whether or not they should “lawfully terminate a pregnancy.”  

The lawsuit was first filed in 2013. The parents said they received conflicting information from radiologists after an ultrasound during the pregnancy.

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