Washington state sues breast cancer charity for pocketing millions

The office of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has won a lawsuit against Breast Cancer Prevention Fund, a charity that said it was raising money for cancer research and turned out to be one giant scam.

Breast Cancer Prevention Fund sent 80 percent of its $22 million to a fund owned by its board president, James Paton. In addition, $8.5 million went directly to Paton himself, according to a report from KING 5 News in Seattle.

Ferguson told KING 5 News his office recovered $1.6 million and will be giving $500,000 to “provide breast cancer screenings for underinsured or low-income patients.”

“So, it's really a mixed feeling to be perfectly candid. Great that we're helping folks out the combined with the frustration or even anger that people still do this to hard-working Washingtonians,” Ferguson said.

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