Australia’s Primary Health Care Limited (Primary) Using Intelerad to Unify 141 Diagnostic Imaging Sites
Montreal, Canada – March 23, 2017 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions, today announced that Australia’s Primary Health Care Limited (Primary)  has selected Intelerad’s InteleOne® XE as the enterprise imaging platform for its diagnostic imaging division, Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS). Together with the Nuance PowerScribe® 360 Reporting platform, InteleOne XE will provide a consolidated archive and unified workflow, allowing the nationwide organization’s 141 sites to operate as a single entity.  One of Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging networks, HIS provides a full range of imaging services to public hospitals, private hospitals, medical centres and community-based centres. “By consolidating HIS’ disparate PACS and leveraging InteleOne XE’s enterprise workflow with Nuance’s PowerScribe 360 Reporting, HIS will be able to operate efficiently while enhancing clinical quality,” said Randall Oka, President and CEO, Intelerad. “In addition to streamlining workflow and balancing workloads across sites, HIS will be better placed to elevate quality by improving subspecialist utilization and enabling closer collaboration amongst care teams.” By consolidating HIS’ archives, InteleOne XE will also provide their independent radiologists with rapid access to current and prior patient data stored across the health system. This not only saves time, but provides a clear view of existing clinical information, resulting in more accurate and timely diagnoses. “With InteleOne XE, we will gain an enterprise workflow that will simultaneously improve operational performance and patient care,” said Dean Lewsam, CE, HIS. “The solution is also highly scalable, which will support our growth, and performs well over low bandwidth – a critical requirement given the remote regions we cover in our network.” About InteleOne XEAn interoperability solution for medical imaging, InteleOne XE seamlessly links clinicians to patient images and reports stored across disparate RIS, HIS, EMR, PACS and VNA systems. By connecting clinicians to the various repositories found within the imaging ecosystem, the solution creates cross-enterprise imaging workflows that enable better subspecialist utilization, improve collaboration amongst colleagues and help deliver higher quality care in less time.Easy to deploy, InteleOne XE breathes new life into the imaging ecosystem, enables healthcare providers to derive more value from their existing architecture, and drives performance across the enterprise. About InteleradIntelerad is a leader in enterprise workflows, specializing in diagnostic viewing, reporting, and collaboration solutions for hospitals, imaging centers and reading groups. Renowned for their innovative features and functionality, Intelerad solutions, such as IntelePACS®, InteleViewer™ and InteleOne® XE, increase productivity and streamline workflow by overcoming technical barriers in distributed and complex environments. Highly scalable, flexible and robust, Intelerad’s solutions offer high performance and industry leading customer service and support. For more information, visit