Mach7 Technologies awarded key patent

Mach7 Technologies, an enterprise image management company based out of Burlington, Vt., announced this week it now has a patent in the U.S. for handheld medical imaging. The handheld technology is a central part of Mach7’s iModality mobile application, and the company said it “strengthens and advances” its leadership position in the enterprise image management industry.

The patent covers mobile devices are able to capture and upload imaging data directly into a patient’s electronic medical record. The iModality app currently serves this function, acting as a mobile version of Mach7’s enterprise imaging platform. The app is HIPAA compliant and can work on both smartphones (such as iPhones) and tablets (such as iPads).

Eric Rice, Mach7 chief technology officer and one of the patent’s authors, said Mach7 has always been focused on innovation.

“I feel honored and privileged to work with an accomplished engineering team focused on truly advancing the industry and making a difference in people’s lives,” Rice said in a statement. “From our earliest days, innovation has been at the heart of this company and the Patent award underscores the strength of the technology our team develops to power the future of enterprise imaging.”

Alexey Ulanov, a chief engineer at Mach7, was also an author of the Mach7 patent.

In October 2015, Mach7 signed a definitive agreement to merge with 3D Medical Limited, a medical-specific Australian 3D printing business.