Chief of radiology describes ‘incompetence,’ neglect at Guam Memorial Hospital

Nicole Dhanraj, PhD, chief of radiology at Guam Memorial Hospital in Tamuning, submitted a written testimony to the Legislature of Guam about issues she says she encountered while working at the hospital.

“I saw incompetence, and persons in roles where their experience was limited,” she said in her testimony, as reported by the Guam Daily Post. “I saw reasons for incompetence and failures as a result of people without the needed skills, knowledge and abilities to carry out the duties assigned to them, and an overall ignorance of items that needed to be addressed.”

Dhanraj also said she “appalled” by how “neglected and mismanaged” the hospital was when she first began working there in 2015.

According to her testimony, Dhanraj was motivated to report these conditions by her “ethical obligation as a healthcare provider.” Her testimony was provided as part of a recent legislative hearing focused on the potential repeal of a proposed sales tax that would go into effect in October. Some money from the tax would go toward funding Guam Memorial Hospital.

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