Clinicians urged to celebrate International Day of Radiology Friday, Nov. 8

Leading radiological societies are urging imaging providers to set today aside to commemorate the profession and its many achievements.

Friday, Nov. 8, is the eighth annual International Day of Radiology, which is also the anniversary of German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen’s discovery of the x-ray. Sponsored by RSNA, the American College of Radiology and European Society of Radiology, the holiday is aimed at building awareness of the field and its work in research, diagnosis and patient treatment.

This year’s theme is sports imaging, with musculoskeletal radiology serving as one of the fastest growing subspecialties in diagnostic radiology.

“For IDoR 2019, we are highlighting the crucial role of imaging in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of sports injuries, and the significance of understanding the anatomy, biomechanics and surgical treatment options,” organizers noted on the event’s webpage.

The European Society of Radiology has also launched a microsite dedicated to 2019’s theme, detailing how radiology is involved in the diagnosis and management of sports injuries. It includes case studies tied to 28 different athletes from across the globe who were treated by the profession.

The ACR has also posted a toolkit for imaging centers, with social media banners, press release templates and logos. For more information, visit