RBMA, UAC working to prevent ultrasound reimbursement cuts

The Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) and Ultrasound Access Coalition (UAC) have released a statement highlighting their opposition to the $112 million in Medicare ultrasound reimbursement cuts planned by CMS.

Industry groups convinced CMS to not put the cuts into effect on Jan. 1, 2019, but it is still possible they will go into effect in the near future. RBMA and UAC are calling for radiologists and other healthcare professionals to send them invoices that reflect the costs associated with ultrasound so that those documents can be sent to CMS. The American College of Radiology is also collecting invoices for the same purpose.

“We successfully prevented a reduction for 2019, but this is a delay only,” Tim Trysla, executive director of UAC, said in a prepared statement. “Unless we can provide CMS with additional information, these cuts will go into effect as early as 2020. We need physicians who provide ultrasound services to send us invoices reflecting the actual cost to purchase ultrasound equipment.”

“The UAC has been a critical industry coalition to educate CMS and others about the importance of ultrasound and to develop the correct focus on ultrasound reimbursements,” Robert T. Still, executive director of RBMA, said in the same statement.