Subtle Medical wins AI startup contest, takes home share of $1M prize

Nvidia, a Santa Clara, California-based technology company, announced the winners of its Inception contest for the best artificial intelligence (AI) startups at this year’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose. One of those winners, Subtle Medical, is focused on improving medical imaging by improving exam times and costs.

More than 200 companies applied to take part in the contest, according to an in-depth report from VentureBeat. Subtle Medical and two other companies will now split a prize of $1 million.

“We think that Subtle Medical will be a disruptive force in radiology,” Subtle Medical cofounder Greg Zaharchuk said, as quoted by VentureBeat. The company is using AI to speed up MRI times without hurting the overall image quality. They are working to improve the time of PET exams as well.