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Experts suggest using “equity-weighted allocation strategies” to better target populations left under-imaged amid the pandemic. 

Researchers believe this is one of the first studies to gauge rads’ performance at determining patients’ stage of COVID pneumonia

The declines were more pronounced among Asian, Hispanic and Black women, imaging experts wrote Tuesday in Radiology. 

Police are investigating why the cylinder was brought into the imaging suite but believe the built-in air supply system may have been malfunctioning. 

These findings indicate healthcare systems should plan to increase capacity by 50%-60% to accommodate an influx of patients, experts wrote in JAMA

Scientists see these discussions as a key piece of value-based care, improving patient outcomes without increasing costs, according to an analysis published in Clinical Imaging

An outpatient center could potentially add 10 more slots for a scanner in 1 day, producing $1.8 million in additional revenue, experts wrote in Academic Radiology

A multi-categorical approach to reporting US for suspected appendicitis conveys more precise estimates, according to a new study. 

Scientists believe these findings will help shape future guidelines, appropriateness documents and health policies on this topic. 

The rate of abnormal lung-base findings on abdominopelvic imaging at NYU has correlated with citywide positive testing rates for the disease, according to a new analysis.

About 7.4% of the commercially insured receive at least one invasive procedure after their LCS, with patients’ responsibility ranging from $0- $7,500.  

Some breast imaging facilities are reinstating safety measures unseen since nonurgent care shutdowns in July 2020, the college said.

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U.S. healthcare may be high on China’s wish list of Western spheres of activity to infiltrate ever more deeply with artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

One large health system actually treated more heart failure patients during the pandemic than it had in previous years. 

The AI development team was guided by a sports-medicine specialist dubbed “the go-to orthopedic surgeon for many of the greatest athletes on the planet.”

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