Care Delivery

The shift was associated with improved door-to-puncture and door-to-reperfusion times.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital scientists sought to pinpoint which women were most susceptible to missing their appointment, sharing their findings in Clinical Imaging. 

Black women were twice as likely to face delays greater than 45 days, and those experiencing this long lag were 1.6 times more likely to die, experts wrote in JACR

EZaccessMD offers teleconsults with board-certified physicians coupled with mobile diagnostics, hoping to help health plan holders limit costs on facility-based visits. 

Mass General recently experimented with this change, videoing in rads to discuss imaging results during regular PCP checkups. 

NYU imaging experts created a simulation model to determine the most cost-effective method of monitoring the disease. 

Johns Hopkins experts said 100% of nurses polled also believe this practice should become the standard of care. 

Researchers sought to answer this question using data from the Breast Cancer Care in Chicago study of patients treated at disproportionate share hospitals and other institutions.

Delays or lack of follow-through were more pronounced among Black, low-income, or patients with mental health disorders, according to a large study published in JAMA. 

Weill Cornell Medicine saw a 16% uptick in the use of its service, with experts urging others in the specialty to test out this value-added offering. 

The declines were particularly pronounced among low-income populations and women of color, according to new research published in Preventive Medicine. 

Meanwhile, mammography is the modality most commonly involved in these incidents, according to a new decades-long data dive. 

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