Care Delivery

This novel technique allows one technologist to remain outside of the patient room, limiting PPE costs while keep staffers safe, expert reported. 

The NIH-backed study is the largest of its kind, incorporating scans from more than 10,000 children, experts wrote Tuesday in Nature Communications.

Up to one-third of adult women treated for isolated ulnar fractures may be victims of such abuse, Boston researchers wrote in JACR

The proportion of patients treated for invasive carcinoma or an advanced stage of the disease have both leapt in recent years, experts wrote in Clinical Imaging

“One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we already see the consequences of pandemic-driven drops in cancer screening and diagnostics," ASTRO Chair Thomas Eichler, MD, said.

Experts from numerous institutions analyzed computed tomography images from more than 50K patients for their analysis, published in Clinical Imaging. 

A total of 560 patients were included in the Phase 3 clinical study of Gadopiclenol, and the firm hopes to seek U.S. regulatory approval in the near future. 

Nearly 70% of those who treated were Black or Latina while 43% were without insurance, according to an analysis published in Clinical Imaging

The popularity of CGMs has surged in recent years and imaging providers must prepare for this “unique patient safety challenge," experts cautioned. 

Under new 2021 rules, CMS will use a less complicated process to determine hospital outpatient and office-based procedure payment. 

With this guidance, clinicians can potentially predict how severely a patient might experience neurological symptoms from the novel coronavirus by looking at chest scans.

CT-equipped emergency vehicles have been proven to save lives, yet without steady payment, many programs are forced to rely on grants and charity.