Care Delivery

Those results have been proven true regardless of tumor type, size or grade of cancer, Brigham and Women's researchers found. 

GE Healthcare is teaming up with Premier Inc. to create America’s first one-stop breast cancer diagnostic center, where women can receive their imaging results the same day as testing. 

The aggressiveness with which some low-risk cancers are surveilled has more to do with the preferences of the patient than the state of the disease. Consequently, patients who want more scans and tests tend to raise their costs and risks of overtreatment without improving their outcomes.

The District of Columbia-based provider joins several other institutions as part of the NIH’s massive Helping to End Addiction Long-Term Initiative. 

E-cigarette- or vaping-associated lung injury—“EVALI,” as the CDC is calling it—has already affected about 1,300 individuals across the U.S., killing 26.

Ultra-low-dose CT catches more fractures of the wrist and ankle than digital radiology without exposing the patient to higher radiation doses.

A collection of researchers led by Penn Medicine are developing what they believe could be a game-changing new tool to detect Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases.

As concerns about vaping-related lung injury continue to spread across the country, researchers are giving radiologists some tips to be ready for the next patient.

Scientists have found a way to shrink immense imaging systems down to the size of a pencil eraser, a breakthrough they hope could eventually have a huge impact on patient care.

University of Arizona Health Sciences scientists are developing a new 3D breast-specific cancer detection method that would do away with the often-painful compression methods used during mammograms.

Epica International, a San Clemente, California-based medical imaging technology company, has received FDA clearance for its multi-modality mobile imaging platform.

Turner Imaging Systems, an Orem, Utah-based imaging technology company, has received FDA approval for its Smart-C portable fluoroscopy and x-ray system.